To provide the best care possible, we use the latest state of the art equipment, all kind of lasers, materials and sterilisation techniques.

Digital X-Rays

At Creative Edge Dental we have intra-oral digital x-rays as well as an OPG machine which enables us to obtain a better diagnosis & dose reductions quickly on the chair side computer.

Digital imaging is a superior alternative in many respects to conventional film imaging.


Our newest alternative to X-Rays is the DIAGNOcam by KaVo, which utilises a laser beam and projects a live image to a nearby television. Learn more.

Diagnodent Laser

Diagnodent aids in the detection of lesions in the tooth. Even very small lesions are detected at the very early stages, enabling you to protect and preserve the tooth structure.

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At Creative Edge Dental we believe in utilising state-of-the-art dental technology as a means for helping Dr Papas deliver impeccable dental results.

With a microscope in dentistry you have an excellent view on the treatment area in all fields of application.

OPG (Digital)

An OPG is a rotational panoramic plain film dental x-ray that allows the dentist to view the upper and lower jaws. It is a 2-dimensional representation of these. It's an excellent tool for diagnosing diseases of teeth and bone and is generally done for most patients that require surgical, periodontal or general dental treatment.

I-Tero Scanning

I-Tero scanning is one of the latest dental technologies to become available to dentists. It eliminates the discomfort traditional impressions. This digital technology has reduced treatment time but it has increased treatment accuracy.

Dental Ozone

Dental Ozone is the latest in dental technology. A simple 60 second treatment with a device that delivers a burst of ozone (O3) will destroy all the bacteria that cause infection and decay.

Dental Ozone is a completely new way to look at decay. The treatment is simple, inexpensive and requires no injection of anaesthetics.

The use of ozone in our practice takes our dental care to the 21st Century!

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Digital Photography

At Creative Edge Dental, digital photography is used to compare before and after treatment results, especially when we are doing cosmetic changes to the patients smile. The photographs are given or emailed to the patients upon their requests in order to track their progress. Even very small lesions are detected at the very early stages, enabling you to protect and preserve the tooth structure.

Cosmetic Imaging SNAP

A free-smile evaluation Photo can be carried out for every patient in a fast and easy way in order for them to see how great they can look with different treatment options. SNAP produces professional presentations automatically in just a few minutes.

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