Fissure Sealants

Fissure sealants are an effective preventive treatment option for children to help prevent decay from appearing in the natural grooves and pits in our teeth or molars.

The process of applying fissures sealants can be completed during your regular comprehensive examination or hygiene treatment. A clear plastic material is used to coat and ‘seal’ the grooves and pits on the surfaces of the teeth, particularly the back ones. Subsequently, this helps to protect them against bacterial which may lead to decay.

Fissures sealants are a quick and easy procedures which usually on take about a minute to apply to each tooth. Although this sealant can last up to a few years it is essential to maintain your regular hygiene appointments to ensure their longevity.

At Creative Edge Dental we recommend that fissure sealants are applied when the permanent teeth being to emerge, usually at an age of around 6-7 years. However these treatments can be applied through to the age of around 14.

If you are interested in fissure sealants for your family, contact our experienced Gladesville Dentist for a consultation.

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