View MoreI get anxious when I visit the dentist, what should I do?

There are many people who suffer anxiety and fear on their trips to the dentist. Often this is resultant of a past unpleasant expereince. However it is important to know that in recent years dentistry has advanced significantly and is not predominantly able to be completed in a relaxed, pain-free state. However for those patients that do suffer from anxiety, we offer Penthrox to help ensure a relaxed and comfortable visit. Visit our anxious patients page for more information.

View MoreWhat is periodontal disease and how can I avoid it?

Periodontal disease is also known as gum disease and often begins as gingivitis. Periodontal disease in its early stages is characterised by red, swollen or puffy gums which can often bleed upon brushing of flossing. Periodontal disease is cause by bacteria called ‘plaque’ covering your teeth and penetrating the gum line. Factors such as diabetes, stress, pregnancy and some medications can also increase the likelihood of developing gum disease. Contact our dentist if you feel like you may be suffering from gum disease.

View MoreHow often should my children visit the dentist?

The general industry recommendation is every 6 months, and this is particularly true while the teeth and mouth are still developing.

View MoreI have small, gapped teeth, is there a way to fix this?

Yes, small, gapped chipped or worn teeth can be fixed by a few cosmetic procedures. One effective one is porcelain of composite veneers which are thin shells, placed over your existing teeth to enhance their appearance. Additionally crowns may also be suitable. If you are interested in either of these options, contact our experienced dentists for a consultation.

View MoreIs teeth whitening safe?

Yes, teeth whitening is a safe, effective cosmetic procedure for many people. However it is important to remember that not everyone is a eligible candidate for teeth whitening. If you are interested, contact Creative Edge Dental and come in for a teeth whitening assessment.

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